Start an Internet Home Business

If you are like most people you probably spend a good deal of your spare time on the Internet. It’s a friendly and welcoming environment with a vast array of information free for the taking. However if all you are doing is email, browsing, shopping, and chattering, you are really wasting some valuable resources. You could be earning money from home if you set up an Internet business.

spend your time wisely

It may cut into your browsing and chattering for a time in order to get it set up and running right, but really what do those things really give you? They are a waste of time and now you see they are also a waste of money. So next time you log on to the Internet, why not go to a search engine like and start to research what you might do to have a home business.

Just type ‘home business’ or ‘home business opportunities’ and you will get thousands of links that have examples of those terms. You probably want to just focus on the first few pages of links and take some time to go and explore the links. Look around each website and read any documentation they might have about what their business is and does and see if you think you might like something like that; see if there is an opportunity for you to associate yourself with their company.

This does not have to be the idea of your dreams. You can work up to that eventually. Start small and simple with the ‘path of least resistance’. Instead of letting it be an obstacle that you do not have the technical skills to build a website right now, find a business where they build one for you for free. This would be for example an affiliate marketing program.

You can begin with this ‘starter’ program and may be able to ‘earn while you learn’ – but the real key at first is actually learn. So either way, learn what is involved in Internet marketing and go through all of the resources provided by your affiliate program and use them. In addition to the website you will be given an affiliate ID number and link and whatever sales you generate from that link, you will earn a commission.

Don’t be afraid to invest a few dollars in membership fees. You can join some programs for free and then upgrade if you like what you see from the inside. You can probably stay free indefinitely but if you seriously want to earn money you will upgrade. If you have the right attitude and an open mind, you will see you are getting 1000% more than you are paying for.

Starting a Home Business – Don’t Waste Time

You will probably agree that due to other responsibilities you may have, that you have limited ‘spare’ time. You may have a day job as well as family responsibilities that take up the greater part of every day. It would likely be this spare time period that you would have to devote to starting a home business.

no time to waste

Being it is so limited you have to be particularly aware of wasting your time on non-essentials. These non-essentials definitely include reading every piece of spam/junk mail received in your inbox. They should be deleted or at the most glanced over and put somewhere that you can look at them some time when you have extra time. You need to focus on what opportunities you have already involved yourself with.

If you are at the stage of still researching companies to add to your business portfolio, that is important. However I would still think twice before I would consider doing business with spammers – seriously. In any case the point here is not wasting time, not how to ruin your reputation by associating yourself with spammers.

There is something that happens to people when they are under the pressure of starting one or more programs as part of building their business. It is almost hysteria as if it will be the end of the world by the next time the membership fees are due and so everything has to happen right now. Since the dues are so low it seems ludicrous to rush everything and maybe even throw it away if one whole month passes without progress.

Part of this neurosis is also being overly concerned with details that are not relevant. In no way does this mean you do not have to read the fine print and pay attention. What it means is there are some things that do not apply to you at this time and since you have limited time you should just move on and make a note to go back later if applicable.

Particularly if you ask someone who is knowledgeable and they emphatically tell you not to be concerned right now (or ever) but you just can’t let it go, you may have this obnoxious malady. If you find a need to harass this person making them repeat what they said over and over again, you are wasting more than your own time.

It is not so much the disrespect shown when you ask a question and then argue or don’t believe the answer. Surely if you really don’t understand, you might ask them to explain further, but eventually you need to accept the answer and stop wasting time going over and over it. Respectfully asking for more explanation is definitely preferable to ignoring the person’s instructions and forcing them to repeat the instructions several times.

In any case use your time wisely and learn how to prioritize all the things you need to do. You can do this best by getting rid of all the time wasters that are impeding you from making progress with your business. Always remember that everyone’s time is important so try to be considerate of others.

Home Biz Start-Up: Don’t Bite Off More than You Can Chew

Especially if this is your first try at starting a home business, it is very important to take things slowly and in small increments. Yes we should be able to visualize the big picture in the future. However there are many steps and periods of time that will need to elapse before we get there.

small chunks

If you overwhelm yourself it will work against you. One of the more common situations for new business start-ups is ‘information overload’. It is not just that information is coming at you from every direction, but the fact that the terminology and concepts may be new. Don’t be ashamed to admit the human brain can only do so much at one time. That is why small ‘chunks’ works best.

It really helps if you are organized so that you can prioritize which information is most relevant to begin with and to be able to keep track of what is pending for tomorrow so that you do not lose any continuity.

If organization is a new idea for you, it can be as simple as making folders in your email account. Click-Click, Name it, and drag your document into it. Now you know where it is and when you are ready you can find it. It might be good to name this first folder ‘Pending’ as it is stuff you haven’t read yet.

As well once you have completed something you can put it in a new folder – just basic ‘completed’ or if you want to get sophisticated the folder can even have a company’s name, or some other designation that makes it easy for you to find. Whatever works for you in the simplest way, being at least somewhat organized is really essential to running a business.

It is the same idea with finances. It makes absolutely no sense to over-extend yourself — that is spend more than you have. Credit shouldn’t be counted in this equation. You should have an operating budget that is apart from living expenses, or any other source. Keep in mind since everything is a gamble, not to gamble with more than you can afford to lose.

Again, if you put this kind of pressure on yourself (spending more money than you can afford), you just add an element to your efforts to start a business that brings stress and fear. Neither one of these are particularly conducive to doing anything except maybe bankruptcy, getting sick or causing problems with your relationships.

So keep it real. Do everything you can but don’t try to do more than you can at any given time. Taking everything in small chunks is the best advice anybody could give someone who is trying to start a new business.

Home Biz Strategy: Light vs. Dark

Do you ever take stock of how much time you waste feeling discouraged? Have you not quite wrapped your head around the fact that it takes time to develop any business? There are folks, bless their hearts, that no matter how many times you explain this to them and even to outline the logical reasons for it, they will still be back whining within a few weeks.

keep the light on!

What really seems useless is they will write long emails vaguely describing all that they have done and why these things should supersede any other logic. It’s like here is a nice paragraph that could be a blog or other article or advertisement. However, instead they have obviously wasted time writing it because it serves no productive purpose and will absolutely not help the situation.

In fact there was a time when talking or writing about problems was considered therapeutic so if that is true then the whining diatribes are not totally a waste of time. However it seems much more logical that reliving every slight or magnifying whatever the problem is just makes it seem twice as bad. It happened and now you are describing it and making it come alive again.

Along with these thoughts comes all the reasons why one is becoming skeptical and why they just knew this was a scam. What a waste of time the darkness. It does nothing to help no matter how many times you repeat the mantras. It just makes things worse. You can really drown yourself and your business if you insist on spending your time there. Darkness is just exactly where you can’t see where you are going. In a sense you are lost.

On the other hand light overcomes the darkness – all you have to do is switch it on. Psychologically and spiritually it says there are possibilities. Even if you don’t know yet exactly what they are, you realize you should keep trying to figure it out. You should move on and don’t look back once you understand what you could have done differently.

Maybe some real far out abstract thought like ‘maybe I could try harder’ or ‘maybe I need to devote more effort to this’ or ‘maybe I need to go through the training again and make sure I am doing everything I can’ would shed some light – not only on your mood but on your reality.

Remember the Indian legend where the old man explains to his grandson about the battle going on inside of us that is a war between good and evil (in so many words). The grandson asks which one wins and the man says ‘the one you feed’. This is something very simple yet profound that we should remember from time to time to help us get out of a dark place.

So in our situation, if we are feeling discouraged because so far we have not had the expected results, we don’t feed that. Instead we feed the light and find out what we can do to make things turnaround for us. It may not be today or tomorrow but if we stay on the right track we will get where we want to go. Leave the light on!

Start a Home Business or Get a Second Job?

Naturally like all things this question is subjective. Do you just need to get some extra money as soon as possible? Or do you really want to start something that could create a ‘passive’ income down the line? Any shape, way or form of work has the ultimate goal of earning money or profit. Both options in our question can represent that.

second income

However they are very different in that one (the job) is something direct where once you land the job you know when to start, what days and hours to work, how much you will earn and when you can expect to be paid. If you are in dire straits, between jobs, with extra expenses or whatever, then this is probably the answer for you.

With that said it is going to be a challenge energy and time-wise. You likely already spend a lot of time commuting to your main job and now you will be going from there to the 2nd job with probably little time to spare in between. You may be working a minimum of 12 hours and then add a few hours for commuting. Do that multiple times per week, per month, etc. You may have extra money at the ‘end of the day’ and hopefully you are still alive and in one piece to enjoy it.

Conversely if you want to start something long-term that may take a while to develop, then a home business may be the thing you need. Right off the top cut the commute time. While you have your scissors out cut the expense for commuting and if you have to pay for child care. Add back an hour or so to your life. We are already feeling more relaxed.

When developing a home business online you can actually ‘earn while you learn’ and there may be some programs or products that just sell right off the bat. This is very encouraging and can and does happen. However there are no guarantees. Again, if you need the total amount of money you expect to earn in a specific time-frame, then this is a gamble. It’s a good gamble and in the long-run can be a good, profitable option for you to earn extra money.

Your situation may even be such that you can do both! You can get the second, part-time job now to tide you over and once you have that routine flowing as well as possible, then in any spare time you may have you can start to research what kind of a home business you might like and do well with down the line. Then just take it slow.

Really an online business income is called ‘passive’ because once it is all set up you really don’t have to be there all the time like with a job or a store. So if you can just get it up and running you could actually do it all at once!

Internet Entrepreneur: Stay Flexible

Another way to express the opposite of ‘flexible’ (inflexible) is STUCK. Stuck means immovable. One of the most important things in life is to keep an open mind. One very true statement is that ‘there is nothing constant except change’. That is why it is imperative to keep an open mind and to be flexible.

open mind!

If you are open, you can change. You can learn. You can grow. As far as your home business is concerned this is relevant because you will likely need to be flexible about many things up to and including the foundation of WHAT you do as well as HOW you do it. That is because you will want to evolve. For example if there is new technology, new strategies or new opportunities.

Although being tenacious has its brownie points, there is no logical reason to stick with something that is not working. You need to be cognizant all the time of what is and what isn’t working. Naturally you have to give things a chance – plenty of time and effort to see what will happen. However, if you have done so and do not see any progress then don’t be afraid to let something go. There are no sacred cows in business.

It is normal of course if you have invested considerable time and money into something to be reluctant to just toss it. However, there is a lot to be said for not ‘throwing good money after bad’. Sometimes you just have to write things off to experience and move on. Then again, it is possible to shuffle things around and perhaps put something on the back-burner to let a new idea have the forefront for a while.

The point is not to get stuck in ideas or anything else that may hamper your ability to progress. The bottom line is always profit and no matter if you have to accept that you have made a mistake, or that something just doesn’t work as well as was promised or expected the point is keep pushing forward.

If you are well-informed and fully engaged in your business, you should make it a point to use the most powerful and innovative methods you can find. This is not to say ‘trendy’ and you may want to research the actual results that are being manifested before you make a radical change.

You should make it a point to browse the sites that discuss the technology and techniques in your industry. Always try to stay on the ‘cutting edge’ and remember, ‘information is power’ only if you use it.

Home Business Start-Up – Don’t Get Discouraged

People seem to really want to believe in magic. They truly in many cases expect to see results without really doing much work. They start right out after a few weeks and already they are discouraged. Even though they know darn well they have invested very little effort, they wonder why they don’t see results. Then they start the ‘woe is me’ routine.

think UP!

This does absolutely nothing to help your business and actually has the opposite effect. It zaps your motivation and you start really dragging your feet on doing anything differently or in greater volume which is what is necessary if you don’t see results. You are told not to get discouraged and to keep doing the work that is required to develop a business. This may give you a small ‘shot in the arm’ and you go on for another few weeks.

Then it is back again to ‘woe is me’ and this time you can recite a whole litany of the things you have done to promote your business but which have not produced results instantly. You may be starting to get skeptical as well as discouraged by this time. I mean who wouldn’t when you have invested a whole month of your life including a few hours of actual work.

Beyond this point if you are still not seeing anything (completely normal and usual) – your discouragement and skepticism has now spawned your hostility and you begin to make unfortunate remarks about your programs. Unfortunate because you will never sell something you don’t believe in and you have allowed being in a big unrealistic rush to completely ruin your mindset.

Your options at this point are to quit and get a job where you will see the money in a reasonable amount of time and know exactly how much and by when. Or you could always try to change your mindset to something realistic so that you could continue to develop an online home business long enough for your efforts to succeed.

Stop comparing yourself to people who have worked very hard for years to see substantial results. You haven’t yet so that is why they see it and you don’t. It’s not because they are liars. Stop thinking that you will somehow be different and will do this by osmosis.

Realize that if you have training available you probably need to take advantage of it. Not just so you know what to do, (which couldn’t be more critical) but as it will represent some structure and positivity with regard to starting a business.

Do not waste your precious time and energy on whining and doubt. Either get your head together with the right attitude to do this or just don’t do it at all. It’s very simple.

HomeBiz Start-Up – More Money or More Time?

When you are planning your business, including the operating budget, you must determine whether you have more money or more time. There are any number of things that you can do for yourself if you have the time. That is if you will take the time. If you have money to work with, then you can pay to have these tasks done for you to save you time.

more time or more money?

You may of course even choose 50/50 – do some work yourself and pay for some low-cost services. That will be closer to the norm. However it seems that people starting out either actually cannot spare themselves a dime to do what is necessary to start a business, or they are so skeptical that they will not spend it even if they could.

This is ok and a certain amount of caution is usually good when we don’t know what we are doing. However you have to realize that you need to do it one way or the other. If you don’t want to/can’t spend money then you need to learn how to do things for yourself for free. There is not going to be any such thing as anybody succeeding with a business that won’t give it either money or time.

There is just no magic even on the Internet where just joining one or more programs and having a link or two out there will do anything for you. You have to promote those links so that people and search engines see them. The Internet certainly is the best place to do this with the least amount of effort or money.

It could be what has always stopped you from taking that first step to start up the home business you want is you never knew how exactly to get started. You can only imagine what might be involved. Very likely it can cost way less than what you imagine and there are clear directions you can get online with regard to how to promote an online business.

Probably the most straight-forward way is to join a free affiliate program. There are many that you can join for free and even stay free. The point is that they have training and lots of information about what all is involved in online business and Internet marketing and advertising. Note although some programs you can stay free, if you want to actually make any decent money then you will probably need to upgrade.

As cold and harsh as it may sound, if you have received training and support free of charge, and are even able to ‘earn while you learn’, the program has proved something to you. They have helped you. At that point, if you really don’t want to spend any money to upgrade the program or to do anything to help yourself, then you may be weird. You shouldn’t try to start your own business. Get a job.

Making Money at Home

It can actually be great fun to have a home business. Not just the actions that you might take, but also making money is really nice. Particularly if it is extra money that is not already spoken for in your budget! It really makes it your money! Depending on your situation you can just have fun with the money, you can save it, or pay cash for something you want to buy!

make money at home

Your home costs you a big chunk of your money every month – for rent, for utilities, for maintenance, taxes, etc. When you have a home business officially and itemize your deductions when you file your taxes, you can actually get some of that money back. When you file ‘use of your home for business’, you can deduct a percentage of the expenses to run your home.

As well there are other expenses you may deduct that other ‘self-employed’ people enjoy, even If you also have a full-time job and pay taxes there. There are a lot of ‘ifs, ands, or buts’ always to any regulations, so be sure to read the IRS website every year about self-employment to be sure you don’t miss anything you could be deducting because you have at least a part-time home business.

Aside from the serious business of making money at home, it just seems so productive to be using your ‘spare’ time to do something entirely constructive like running a business. It beats being a ‘couch potato’, which one would think would become very depressing after a while. Unhealthy on many levels actually.

It’s true we do need some relaxation time on a daily basis, but if you limit that you will have time for making money even while you are watching TV and visiting with the family. That is if you can ‘multi-task’ and work on your PC at the same time. With a little practice it should become second nature. In the beginning there are more things to learn and closer attention must be paid. However, once you have it all set up and running, then it will be easier.

You can always use a little extra money and in this day and age you actually should have a contingency plan that includes money so that you and your family can still survive no matter what happens as far as so-called ‘Mother Nature’ or etc. You never know from day to day what tomorrow will bring. It is best to be prepared in any case. You might as well have fun doing it!