Add Value to Your Existing Products

One way to garner some extra attention to your portfolio of services and products that you include for your customers is to add extra functions from time to time. Spruce them up so as to create a little excitement and give your members something new to promote to their downlines.

add value

If nothing creative comes to mind when you are determining what little extras you might include, you can also look at volume or cost as a way to enhance the value. For example if their membership includes 5 ads a month, or they are paying fees to send out 5 ads a month, create a ‘special’ where they get it cheaper or they get a few free ads included.

There are many little widgets and gadgets that really wouldn’t cost much but which would go a long way to make your offerings more exciting. Lots of times the problem is people are ‘asleep at the wheel’. They recruit members who they expect will recruit other members and sell the products or services.

However, this may be very limited unless you keep trying to encourage people to promote the program and the product actively. You might be surprised how even slight changes will re-inspire people to put some effort into promoting their business.

This can be as small as changing the website in some way – making something bigger or brighter or maybe formatting it in a slightly different design. Again this can be something very minor that doesn’t cost you a dime but is worth the time and effort because of the way people will see something new and become excited about your program again.

Another thing that may really encourage people is to have a contest. Reward them for their sales beyond their commissions with some little gadget like a free piece of software or other tool that might help them. Or you could even add some extra money on top of the regular commission, for example for all sales above 5 for that month.

Think about it and it is possible you can keep your program fresh and exciting for a long time to come – and without spending much money to do it.

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